Spezifikation #26
Reinhardt Voigt, Unsere Welt – der andere Blick
Mit Beiträgen von Susan Elias und Henning Kappenberg

Einladung zur Eröffnung am
Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018, 19 Uhr
18. Mai – 16. Juni 2018

Already in the late 1960s Reinhard Voigt (GER, *1940, based in Berlin), an important historical position as a pioneer of what we today may call „Pixel Art“, developed the rastering of form as an opportunity for alienation. Even before the PC was able to display or edit images, Voigt tested transferring form into grid, which consequently led towards the edge of representation. The works of Reinhard Voigt comment on the issue of alienation through proximity respectively extreme enlargement. Thus Voigt’s paintings can be equally representational, abstract, concrete and even „pop“. An analogue anticipation of the characteristic pixel structure of all those digital images which determine our perception today.

His work is part of major collections such as the MoMA NY, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart or Bank of America Collection.


Anne Lina Billinger, Pierpaolo De Bona, Andreas Diefenbach, Lukas Einsele, Martin Feldbauer, Hilli Hassemer, Greg Haberny, Julian Heuser, Ritums Ivanovs, Dragana Jurisic, Björn Koop, Veronica Madanes, James Ostrer, Sam Peach, Georg Scheele, Dexi Tian, Catrine Val, Reinhard Voigt, Johann Zambryski